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Car engine comprehensive maintenance carbon deposit cleaning equipment

Car engine comprehensive maintenance carbon deposit cleaning equipment

Car engine comprehensive maintenance carbon deposit cleaning equipment
Car engine comprehensive maintenance carbon deposit cleaning equipmentCar engine comprehensive maintenance carbon deposit cleaning equipmentCar engine comprehensive maintenance carbon deposit cleaning equipmentCar engine comprehensive maintenance carbon deposit cleaning equipmentCar engine comprehensive maintenance carbon deposit cleaning equipment
CategoriesEngine Carbon Cleaning Machine
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ApplicationEngine carbon cleaning
Gas production1500 L/H±10%
Working pressure≤0.020bar
Ambient temperature range5℃~50℃
VoltageAC 220V/DC12V
Power<6 KW/150W
Control panelLCD touch screen
Unit PriceUS $ 4000-6000 / set
FOB portShenzhen
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
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Update Time2019-12-09
Detail Information

             All-Round Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine

A new engine carbon cleaning machine suit, which includes Hydrogen engine carbon cleaning machine(HO1500), Chemicals engine carbon cleaning machine(TD501), 4 kilograms electrolytes and 50 sets detergent. The reason why we combined this two machine is that the working principle, the operation way and the function of TD501 and HO1500 are different and it can make more profits for the user. HO1500 mainly clean some parts of Three-way catalytic and combustion chamber. The advantages of Hydrogen engine carbon cleaning machine are that there is no need to disassemble the engine when the user clean the engine carbon for car owners. And it is more protective for the car engine than the chemicals engine carbon cleaner. TD501 mainly clean intake, the carbon of fuel system and Three-way catalytic. However, it need to disassemble the engine to clean carbon, which is more complex but can clean the carbon much completely. What’s more, TD501 can help the mechanic show the effects of engine carbon cleaning by the machine to the car owner. Because after carbon cleaning by TD501, the engine carbon will come out with the cleaning agent and the mechanic also can use the endoscope of TD 501 showing the inner of engine parts whether were cleaned completely. Usually, using Hydrogen engine carbon cleaner to remove the carbon needs 20 minutes, but chemicals engine carbon cleaner need more than 40 minutes. Nevertheless, we need to face the reality that we need to clean the carbon completely for our customers. So we all know that how many engine parts need to be cleaned, which are valves, combustion chambers, fuel system(nozzles), Three-way catalytic, spark plugs and exhaust pipes(not in the engine but need to be cleaned)

The harm of carbon deposition to automobile

Structural damage: the various structure in the cylinder that constitute the combustion chamber ate the main parts of carbon deposition, including the piston top, spark plug, the fuel injection nozzle in the cylinder, the intake and exhaust valve and intake pipe of the cylinder inlet. The following picture show the serious occurrence of various parts.

01.Power drop: the main reasons for power drop cause by severe carbon deposition include spark plug carbon deposition reduces ignition capacity or causes ignition failure, and pressure drop caused by cylinder leakage(valve and piston),etc.Which is more obvious when under heavy load or low speed.

02.Increase of fuel consumption: the decrease of power will be accompanied by a certain degree of fuel consumption. The increase in volume is due to the need for greater throttle opening and corresponding fuel supply to obtain the same power as before the carbon deposition effect. Therefore, if there is an increase in fuel consumption for unknown reasons, the presence of cylinder carbon should be checked.

03.Increase in exhaust pollutant emissions: the increase in exhaust pollutant emission is usually found during the annual inspection of the car. Currently only carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides are tested, and all three indicators can rise or exceed the limit when carbon is accumulated, and this change may occur earlier than the decrease in power consumption and the increase in oil consumption.

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The benefits of carbon reduction for cars

The vehicle power after cleaning is improved, idling speed is stable, start smoothly, fuel consumption is reduced, exhaust emission is more environment, performance is restored as before.

Advantages of use HHO-1500

1: Safe and environmentally friendly

Hydrogen and oxygen in addition to carbon effectively remove carbon deposits, no harm to the engine, project promotion can reduce harmful gas emissions in the use of automobiles, environmental protection, energy conservation, and benefit mankind.


2: Leading technology, quality assurance, best carbon removal effect

After the carbon and carbon molecules are used to remove carbon, the carbon deposits are effectively cleaned, the exhaust emissions are greatly reduced, and the engine power is restored, so that the car no longer increases fuel consumption due to carbon deposition.


3: Conducive to improving customer satisfaction


The combination of the two makes engine maintenance more in place.Effective cleaning of fuel system, intake system, three-way catalytic converter.

In addition, the two will be given together with 4kg electrolyte and 50 sets of cleaning agent.

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More details

1.Whats the effect of Hydrogen and oxygen removal machine?

 a.Good car engine performance.

 b.Remarkable fuel saving.

 c. Exhaust black smoke disappeared, achieving emissions testing standard.

 d. Prolong engine parts life.

 e.Maximize carbon removal

2.Why do I have to clean the car engine carbon?

When carbon adhesion intake and exhaust valves, intake and exhaust valves closed lax and even leak, the engine cylinder pressure, and the result is directly attributable to the activation engine trouble.

3.Where are the advantages of HO1500?

High efficiency, environment Friendly, convenient for removement, easy Operation, save time and low cost.

4.What is the biggest feature of HO1500?

Environment friendly, no medical component, no corrosion to auto parts, no any side effects, no generate hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide.

5.When do I need to carbon clean my car?

We recommend servicing your vehicle every 15,000km or 6 months, whichever come first.

6.Why do I need to carbon-clean my car?

Incomplete combustion causes carbon deposits in your vehicle engine. The carbon is one of reasons of high fuel consumption, poor engine performance and increase exhaust emissions.

7.What is the biggest feature of TD-501?

It has catalytic converter cleaning function not available in other similar products.

8.Whats the main functions of TD-501?

Fuel system cleaning, intake system cleaning, catalytic converter cleaning (oily / water-based), combustion chamber foam decarburization, HD display and endoscope.

9.What effect can the car achieve after cleaning with TD-501?

After cleaning, the vehicle's power is improved, the idle speed is stable, the start is smooth, the fuel consumption is reduced, the exhaust emissions are more environmentally friendly, and the performance is restored as new.

10.What is the working principle of TD-501?

Our cleaning agent is matched with the machine, and the organic solvent is mixed with the carbon in the car to achieve the effect of removing carbon from the car.

11.Whats the main features of TD-501?

The device is small in size and easy to operate; it is the first in China, and one machine can be used for oil and water catalytic converter cleaning.

12.What are the precautions for using the machine?

Open fire is strictly prohibited within two meters.

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