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Lubrication system dialysis cleaning machine lubrication system maintenance

Lubrication system dialysis cleaning machine lubrication system maintenance
Lubrication system dialysis cleaning machine lubrication system maintenance
Lubrication system dialysis cleaning machine lubrication system maintenanceLubrication system dialysis cleaning machine lubrication system maintenanceLubrication system dialysis cleaning machine lubrication system maintenanceLubrication system dialysis cleaning machine lubrication system maintenanceLubrication system dialysis cleaning machine lubrication system maintenance
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Filter accuracy5 µm
Working noise<70db
The tubing2*2.5m
FOB portShenzhen
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Update Time2020-02-27
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Lubrication system dialysis cleaning machine lubrication system maintenance.

This equipment adopts all-intelligent computer board to control the whole process of cleaning. The whole cleaning process is controlled by one button. After setting the parameters, it only needs one person to be on duty, and the operation is simple and safe. The most safe cleaning of the lubricating oil passage in the form of static cleaning, which is a good assistant for deep maintenance of the engine.

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The main function:

1.Add new oil 

2.Oil recovery

3.Automatic operation mode

4.Circulation cleaning 

5.Time can be adjusted according to actual situation

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Summary of the equipment:

This equipment adopts the whole intelligent computer semi-control to clean the national production, the whole cleaning process one-key intelligent control, the operations simple and safe. The most safe way to clean the oil passage ia to use cleaning.

Product features

1. Double display window, easy to observe the effect of oil change and customer marketing.

2. Use high precision cotton filter to ensure clear effect.

3. One-key intelligent cleaning, oil change, easy operation, labor saving, simple training.

4. Special customized quick connector, the first in the industry, long service life of high-end quality.

5. The time of filling, cleaning and pimping can be set independently.

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We focus on the development and production of automatic transmission oil changers, which have been continuously created and continuously improved over the past decade.

3. Quality service

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Shenzhen Zeayeto Automotive Technology Co., Ltd is a professional technology company dedicated to the independent research, development, production and sales of professional maintenance equipment for automobiles.The company has a professional research and development and production technology team, and established a sound sales network in the country, for the brand partners to provide quality car maintenance equipment and professional services.Our products include: transmission cleaning equipment, brake cleaning equipment, lubrication system cleaning equipment, cooling system cleaning equipment, nozzle cleaning equipment, cold media cleaning equipment and nitrogen system cleaning equipment, air conditioning cleaning equipment.We obtain the market by the quality, obtains the customer trust by the service!Our mission: to provide quality maintenance equipment for your car.

1.How does the device work?

The equipment is connected to the machine. The main pollutants of the lubrication system can be softened, decomposed and diluted by circulating cleaning, and these pollutants are excluded from the body by blowing out by pressure.

2.Where is the sludge discharged from the cleaning?

Follow the old oil and do not stay in the engine.

3.How to use it to maintain the vehicle?

After the engine has been used for a period of time, the cleaned engine performs better.

4.How often do you clean?

In general, the new car is maintained once every six months, or four thousand years for maintenance.

5.How to make money with it ?

The repair shop can use it to better clean the customer and charge a fee.

6.How long can the product last?

Product warranty for one year, lifetime maintenance.

7.Need to add cleaning agent?

No need to add cleaning agent, the docking tube can maintain the vehicle.

8.How to buy it?

We can use sea or air to see the needs of our customers.

9. What are the characteristics of the product? The pollutants are removed from the body through the cleaning, and a large amount of manpower and material resources are saved, which saves the owner and the maintenance personnel a lot of time and effort. The most important thing is that the original separation cleaning will destroy the precision cooperation of the machine itself. After the split cleaning, your car will have to go through a difficult running-in period to restore its original state.

10. Main pollutants in the lubrication system

Sludge, varnish, metal wear debris, intake impurities, carbon deposit

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