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Details of Zeayeto Hydrogen and oxygen carbon removal machine
Issue Time:2019-03-14

The hydrogen-oxygen carbon removal machine is a machine that utilizes the catalytic characteristics of the hydrogen-oxygen gas, the combustion-supporting characteristics, the high-temperature characteristics of the hydrogen-oxygen flame, and the characteristics of the hydrogen-oxygen flame-generating water to remove the volumetric carbon inside the automobile engine. In fact, it is a hydrogen-oxygen generator and some accessories. Using water as raw material, electricity is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen by electricity, hydrogen is used as raw material, oxygen is used for combustion, and is sent into the interior of the automobile engine through the air inlet, and is mixed and burned with gasoline and air. The oxy-hydrogen gas mixture is equivalent to a catalyst for gasoline combustion. It is a qualitative leap in the field of car maintenance.


1. Boost power:improve engine output horsepower, power increased by 10%-15%acceleration significantly improved.

2. Save money:save carbon by 3%-15% immediately after carbon removal, saving high fuel costs.

3. Safety clean:high safety, no carbon pollution, high environment protection.

4. Extend the age of the car:maintenance of auto parts to extend engine life.

5. Reduce sewage:reduce 30%-60% of dirt emissions

6. Smooth driving:improve engine jitters and improve ride comfort.

Working Principle

Using water as raw material, electricity is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen by electricity, hydrogen is used as raw material, oxygen is used for combustion, and it is sent into the interior of the automobile engine through the air inlet, and is mixed with gasoline and air.


Gas production: 1500L/H±10%

Working pressure:≤0.20Mpa

Control panel:LCD touch screen

The control mode:PLC automatic control

Usage scope:0.8~0.6L(gasoline or diesel engine)

Electrolyte consumption:≤240G/H

Cleaning cycle:20~60 min(adjustable)

Ambient temperature range:5℃~50℃

Altitude range-sea level to:2400m

Voltage:AC 220V






Why should do carbon cleaning for car

There are many reasons for increased carbon deposition:incomplete combustion, poor oil quality,bad driving habit, long time low speed driving, poor air quality etc.The increased carbon deposit will heavily effect the vehicle performance, resulting in 90% of engine component failures, fuel consumption increased, excessive exhaust emission.

How the machine works?

The hydrogen-oxygen carbon removal machine uses water as a raw material, and decomposes water into hydrogen and oxygen by electricity, uses hydrogen as a raw material, assists combustion with oxygen, and is sent into the interior of the automobile engine through the air inlet to be mixed and burned with gasoline and air. The oxyhydrogen gas mixture is equivalent to a catalyst for gasoline combustion.

Usage Steps

1. Open the power control switch on the rear of the carbon removal machine

2. Connecting the pipeline

3. Start the car engine and keep the vehicle at idle speed

4. Select the working mode and displacement to start decarbonization

5. Dosing requirements

6. When the carbon is over, shut down the machine and restore the pipeline

1.The idling speed is stable and uniform, and the sound is sweet in the engine running.

2.Car power recovery, smooth power.

3.Rapid acceleration during, full of power.

4.Fuel consumption is reduced (fuel efficient).


After the use of the hydrogen and oxygen decarbonizer, the carbon deposits are effectively cleaned, the exhaust emissions are greatly reduced, the engine power is restored, and the fuel consumption of the vehicle is reduced.

Compared with traditional carbon removal methods.


Hydrogen oxygen machine

Traditional dis-assembly engine

Manifold suction cleaning fluid

Water-based foam detachable

Carbon removal time

20 minutes

About 2 to 4 hours

40 minutes

40 minutes

Environmental protection

Complete combustion, non-toxic and harmless

Carbon particles, not easy to handle waste

Toxic and harmful exhaust

Not easy to handle waste

Advantages and disadvantages

The engine can be idling

Time-consuming, destroying the original assembly, cleaning intuitive

The engine is running at an idle speed, and the medicament is continuously inhaled

The implementation process is cumbersome and the carbon is incomplete


Carbon cost

Dis-assembly of engine time, oil, oil filter, antifreeze

In addition to carbon, oil, oil filters

In addition to carbon, oil, oil filters



How to make more money

If you removal carbon from 5 cars a days, each car has 60 USD in addition to carbon, then you can earn 3000 USD every day, you can earn 9000 USD every month, and earn 108000 USD a year.



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