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FIC-601 Red injector cleaner & tester

FIC-601 Red injector cleaner & tester

FIC-601 Red injector cleaner & tester
FIC-601 Red injector cleaner & testerFIC-601 Red injector cleaner & testerFIC-601 Red injector cleaner & testerFIC-601 Red injector cleaner & testerFIC-601 Red injector cleaner & tester
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Update Time2019-02-19
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Product Description
Zeayeto FIC-601 Red injector cleaner & tester

FIC601 is an advanced electronic mechanical product,which can clean and test injectors by simulating engine working conditions. It can also perform cleaning on the injectors and fuel supply system on vehicle.

Voltage: DC12V

Weight: 27kg

Warranty: 1 Year

Maximum power: 230W

Certification: CE

Application: Car Engine

Dimensions: 400mm*410mm*580mm

1. Liquid return tube 
2. Pulsesignal tube 
   3. Fuelintake 
 4. Operation panel
 5.Ultrasonic cleaning machine 
6. Window tube
Features & Functions
1. Ultrasonic Cleaning: Perform simultaneous cleaning on several injectors and remove the carbon deposits

on the injectors completely.
2. Uniformity/ Sprayability Test: Test the uniformity each injector, and monitor the spraying status of each

injector with the help of backlight. This test is also for reverse flush.
3. Leakage Test: Test the sealing and dribbling conditions of injectors under system pressure.

4.Injecting Flow Fest: Check the injecting amount of 15 seconds constant injection.

5. Auto Test: Test injectors by simulating different working conditions.

6. On-vehicle Cleaning: The unit is equipped with various adaptors and couplers that facilitate cleaning 

injectors on vehicle.
Pls note:
1.Input voltage is 220V. FIC601 only have 220Volt , if you need use for 110V you need to pay extra 40usd to buy a voltage converter adaptor(from 220V to 110V) .
2. Zeayeto FIC601 is 6-cylinder fuel injector cleaning machine (with 6 tubes),and it can clean and test six injectors as same time.
a.) If 4-cylinder engine,when use the Zeayeto FIC601 to clean and test 4 injector(there are 2 connector in machine should be stoppered).
b.) Eight-cylinder engine, when you use Zeayeto FIC601 do clean the test, you should do clean the test twice per four injector.
3. Item fit for two kinds of injectors. Top feed injector accessories were standard configure. Side feed injector accessories for option. Please contact us if you want to side feed accessories,or you can purchase as follow link:

4. Support no dismantle clean car fuel system. (Need additional connector kits, not include in the item. Add 80USD to get it)

5. The machine work on petrol injector, not for diesel injector

 What kind of logistics can you choose? 
In one package:1×FIC-601 , 1×Ultrasonic cleaning machine , 1×a set of parts , 1×Product Manual
Applied to 4S shop and car care equipment center
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